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«January 2019»

Determining if Data from Electronic Health Record Systems Can Be Trusted in a Clinical Trial Setting

Applied Clinical Trials has published an article on the eCF eSource-Readiness Assessment (eSRA). eSRA is a list of questions, based on regulation and guidance from FDA, EMA, PMDA, and ICH for Clinical Research sites to self-assess their readiness to provide data from their electronic health records systems. This data may be electronically supplied to sponsors, or manually entered into a sponsor system, however if it originates in a healthcare system, then sponsors are responsible for assessing that these systems are appropriate.

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1/10/2019 UTC

eCF Webinar: Tufts Research: Strategies from Data Management Leaders to Speed Clinical Trials

Facilitator:Hugo Cervantes, Vice President Vault CDMS, Veeva

Learn how top pharmaceutical companies and CROs plan to speed database build and data collection, as well as their top challenges and future priorities. This in-depth research from Tufts follows their industry-wide eClinical Landscape Study, examining the major cause of database build delays and their impact on trial cycle times.

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Regulatory documents used as a basis for the eClinical Forum eSource Readiness Assessment (eSRA)

eCF eSRA Release 2019 is based on regulatory documents from FDA (USA), EMA (European Union), PMDA (Japan) and ICH (International). The eClinical Forum will continue to monitor new releases and updates of regulatory documents from these agencies to determine if the eSRA template questions should be updated.

Click on document title to download.

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eSRA (eSource Readiness Assessment) Handbook and Assessment Template

This is the ONE FILE that you need to perform an eSRA EMR/EHR Assessment.

- Sites should complete an eSource-Readiness Assessment (eSRA) to self-assess their healthcare computerized systems (EHR/EMR) for readiness to originate or handle electronic data that could become part of a clinical research study.

- Sponsors/CROs will find useful information in the Handbook in order to evaluate a completed eSRA from a site, to determine if data that originated in the site's healthcare computerized system complies with clinical research regulations

- Download the Handbook file and save to your computer. The instructions are in section 3 and the assessment is in section 5. Sites should complete the assessment and email it to their sponsors.

Click on title to get to the download screen.

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